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Pumpin’ With Sidechain Compressors

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on May 10, 2008 by Johnny Pneumonic

So a buddy of mine sent me a link to this video of Steve Angello making a track from scratch. Besides being shamed by the quality of his bass drums I picked up on his use of sidechain compressor on the bass. The end result is one I’ve heard time and time again on house tracks but never knew exactly how it was done. Basically the idea is to feed the bass drum into the compressor which is processing the bass line, and then the added gain winds up causing the compressor to squeeze the hell out of the bass line as the bass drum hits and then loosens up as the bass drum decays. You gotta play with the attack and release to get it right but it pays off with a tight pumping bass drum and bass line combination. It just makes the bass elements fit together seamlessly and keeps the low end clean. Live 7 has a new 64 bit sidechain compressor built in so if you got it give it a shot! For everyone else you can pick up a free VST here. Happy pumpin’!