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Errybody Disgoo!

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Ahhh disco. The most superficial, least heterosexual, least ‘meaningful’ genre of music to every be put to record. But how can you deny the groove?!? You can’t. Disco was where it all began, the remix, the syncopated bass lines and the unruly, almighty, 4 to the floor beat. Like it or not modern dance music owes almost everything it is to disco in one form or the other, whether its Italo, Hi-NRG, Space Disco or Laser Boogie. I, being from America(who if you’ve forgotten killed disco) sometimes have trouble getting people to understand my love of disco. It usually ends with people concluding I listen to ‘gay’ music, which is sometimes hard to argue against. But I also never fail to give them an example of disco music which they can’t appreciate. Today I have some solid tracks which are not necessarily disco themselves, as much as modern takes on the style.

First up is a grandiose remix of Ashford & Simpson(via Solid Goldberger).

Bourgie Bourgie (Joe Claussell’s Classic Remix) – Ashford and Simpson

Next is a sublime edit of the Chic classic I Want Your Love(via 20 Jazz Funk Greats).

I Want Your Love (Todd Terje edit) – Chic

And finally for something a little different, a 17 year old from England who goes by Louis La Roche is bringing that good old French Touch back with a vengeance. Essentially glorified, bassed up disco and soul edits these tracks are some of the funkiest I’ve heard since DJ Falcon disappeared. Enjoy the entirety of the Peach EP (via DiscoDust.)

The Peach EP – Louis La Roche