T. Pain Gets Robots to Sing For Him.

Snoop + TalkBox

It seems like these crazy robot voices are popping up all over the place in popular hip-hop and R&B these days. Between T. Pain, Akon, Chris Brown and even Snoop Dogg theres been lots of fake singing going on. But how are they doing? I hear a lot of people discussing talk boxes and vocoders. According to Wikipedia it’s an Auto-tuner, something like the TC-Helicon. So despite what it looks like in Snoops Sensual Seduction video (pictured above) no one is playing the notes like a vocoder or a talk box. In fact the more “digital” the singing sounds, the more the Auto-Tuner has to correct, so to get it real good and robotic you should sing really badly.

Now for some goodies.

First up, an everyday interaction between Akon and T. Pain.

And T. Pain actually has a sense of humor! Who would’ve thought…

Some awesome talk box action from the great Stevie Wonder

And finally some stirring examples of Auto-tuners in action.

Kiss Kiss (Eli Escobar and Doug Grayson Remix) – Chris Brown Feat. T. Pain

Good Life – Kanye West Feat. T. Pain

Sensual Seduction – Snoop Dogg

Now get some love in the club!


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